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Tondo is a market leader in Smart Lighting and Smart City networks, deploying one of the top five largest Smart Lighting projects in the world.

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The Case for Your Tondo Investment

Massive Addressable Market
  • The total addressable market for Tondo’s Smart Lighting in the U.S. alone is estimated at $38.9 billion USD
Massive Market Growth
  • Smart Lighting is forecasted to be a $94 billion USD market globally by 2030
  • The Smart Lighting market in the U.S. is expected to reach $19.6 billion USD by 2030
Strong Value Propositions
  • Tondo was the first in its market to deliver solutions using hardware-based cryptographic security to address the needs of critical infrastructure management
  • Roadway and area lighting accounts for approximately 30% of a municipality’s energy budget
  • The operational and maintenance costs of street lighting are approximately 50% of the total cost of ownership
  • Tondo’s Smart Lighting-enabled Smart City networks can deliver over 250% of the benefits compared with LED retrofit projects and a 5-year project break-even
  • Without Smart Lighting-enabled networks, Smart City visions cannot be realized
High Impact Solutions
  • Street lighting represents 6% of our global GHG footprint
  • Tondo Smart Lighting can reduce lighting climate footprint by as much as 22% over a standard LED retrofit
  • Effective lighting can increase parking lot users’ perceived safety by up to 50%
  • Smart Lighting controls can decrease on-site crimes by up to 60%, and the combined on-site and surrounding area of the site by up to 35%
  • Effective residential area street lighting can increase citizen perception of safety by up to 250%
Why Tondo?
  • Tondo has over 44 municipalities deployed and is deploying one of the five largest Smart Roadway Lighting projects in the world with Netivei, the national transportation authority for Israel
  • Tondo is comprised of innovators and leaders in outdoor lighting, IoT, open standards development, artificial intelligence, data security, and creating and scaling businesses
  • We have existing protected IP assets and more in development in the Smart Lighting and IoT space
  • We have a strong existing book of business that is experiencing rapid growth
A. chart showing the global addressable market for Smart Lighting by global region
A pie chart showing the total addressable US market for Smart Lighting

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