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Smart Lighting solutions are the gateway to Smart City applications.

Electric utilities, ESCOs, Systems integrators, distributors, and lighting installation contractors can all benefit from having the best Smart Lighting and Smart City solutions for their projects.

Lighting manufacturing agencies can bring winning Smart Lighting and Smart City sensor network solutions to their territories.

We assist our partners and their end-use customers to deliver the best solutions on-time and on-budget. Get in touch with us here at Tondo to learn more.

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Partners We Work With


Manufacturing Partners

Tondo collaborates with leading lighting fixture and pole manufacturers who want to provide the best available Smart Lighting control solution for their customers.

Tondo has the most secure, scalable, any-cloud-anywhere technology platform for IoT applications: indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, or consumer IoT technologies.


Distribution Partners

Tondo works with leading electrical distributors who want to offer the best line card of solutions for outdoor Smart Lighting and Smart City solutions to their customers.


Architecture and Design Partners

Tondo supports project architects and lighting designers in their outdoor Smart Lighting project planning and design work.

Tondo’s solutions make it possible to ensure standards-based illumination is always delivered according to specifications.

We can deliver your vision of controlled lighting using mixed luminares, lamp types, luminous efficacy, surfaces, and ambient scenarios, over the full lifecycle of customer lamp assets.

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Design-Build Partners

Lead construction management and installation contractors need solutions that can deliver on-time, on-budget, and in-scope.

Tondo’s team members have many decades of experience in the lighting industry as well as computing hardware design, software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Tondo can enhance the performance and return-on-investment for any Smart Lighting proposal, and reduce the risk of project failure.


Electric Utilities and Energy Services Companies

Tondo’s Smart Lighting solutions can drive the greatest energy savings for utilities and ESCOs – which means increased profitability on your customer contracts.

Your customers expect the best from you, and you can expect the best from us.


Lighting Manufacturer Agencies

Tondo recognizes the skills and relationships that Lighting Manufacturing Agents bring to our business.

We also recognize that the industry is experiencing a collision of worlds: lighting and information technology = Smart Lighting = Smart City enablement.

We are looking for partners who see an opportunity to grow their business with Tondo to include the Smart City beyond lighting.

our partners